Reyap Hospital Istanbul

Reyap Health Group made its first healthcare investment with Reyap Çorlu, which opened it in 2011. Reyap Hospital Çorlu is a reliable healthcare institution and preferred by our patients coming not only from Tekirdağ but also from our many cities including Kırklareli, Edirne and Istanbul because of our healthcare personnel, renewed technological infrastructure and qualified healthcare services. We accept and treat patients from abroad with our advanced hotel services, complementary and supportive of our diagnosis and treatment services, thanks to our privileged accommodation provided to our patients and their companions. Reyap Health Group opened its second investment Reyap Hospital Istanbul in Esenyurt in 2016. The hospital’s technical infrastructure, technological equipment, and functionality are designed to meet the requirements of a university hospital’s versatile education, teaching, research and practice. Reyap Hospital Istanbul continues to provide health care services that are superior in quality, equal and economically accessible to them in the direction of universal values ​​of ethics and ethical principles, based on scientific and technological developments of domestic and foreign patients. We aim to provide satisfaction and hospitality for our patients and their relatives in the guest house which will be constructed with the hotel concept in the hospital building and the neighboring area. Reyap Health Group is aware that qualified health services can only be provided by qualified health personnel and has undertaken the task of educating and training health personnel at every stage. T.C. Reyap Health Group, which is in collaboration with Istanbul Rumeli University, has determined Reyap Hospital Istanbul as an Education and Research Hospital. With the help of expert academic staff, it has been regulating and conducting each of various stages of comprehensive academic and administrative studies such as education, teaching, research, development, implementation, coordination as well as creating curriculum, lecturing, providing a practice field and identifying and meeting educational requirements. The Reyap Health Group counts days for the medical faculty status in which it will be able to maintain comprehensive education, training and service activities aimed at the training of health personnel working in the fields of protection, development and improvement of human health in all branches of medical science and conducting scientific researches.